About See90


See90™ is an optical appliance that you attach to your spectacles or your sunglasses.  With the help of See90™ you can see down or up without bending your neck.


See90™ is for you that suffers from neck pain or shoulder pain, has a difficulty to bend your neck or are put in situations with bad body posturing. See90™ can for example be used for whiplash injury, arthrodesis, bedridden, neck pain or smartphone and pad neck.

See90™ is like a periscope, and the story about how See90™ were thought of you can read under Story.

Due to significantly increased costs for CE marking of Class 1 medical devices in Sweden, we are unable to sell any Se90 to private individuals today. If you are a business owner and are interested in licensing or purchasing the product,

please get in touch.

Se90 is not available for sale at the moment and therefore cannot be ordered.

Smartphones and tablets, have led to a quicker access to internet when and wherever. It can however be a challenge to keep a good body posture, the screens are tiny and it becomes easy to let your head fall down, giving an extra weight that your neck and shoulders have to carry. The See90 can help you avoid this bad body posture and allow you to sit comfortable while having a clear view of your screen. 

Såhär fungerar Se90

The picture illustrates a bad working position,

that can be avoid

with the use of See90.

How See90 works

You put the See90 on your spectacles or your sunglasses and adjust the moveable mirror so that you can see the things you want.  You can now see either upwards or downwards (depending on your settings), without bending your neck. In the same time you can have a clear eye to keep track on things around you. If you want to you can also use two See90 to give you a full view.


The usability from of See90 is many, below some examples are shown when it can be appropriate to use See90 to spare your neck and shoulders.

Reading/writing, when reading it is easy to stress your neck and your shoulders, giving you pain. With See90 you can avoid bending your neck while reading. The same goes for writing, imaging that you can write what is written on for example a power point presentation without having to bend your neck to look down at your text – probably more effective and spares your neck.

Chopping/peeling, See90 can be used when doing static work as chopping or peeling while cooking. With the See90 you can look down at your hands without bending your neck. This also work while knitting and other hand crafts.

Bedbound, if you are bedridden or bedbound you can with the help of See90 for example read, watch TV or knitting while you lay on your back. If your TV is at the end of the bed you can comfortable lay on your back while you watch TV. 


Anita Åkesson the face behind See90


In 1999 our founder, Anita Åkesson, was injured in a car accident. It was winter and the roads were slippery. The car in front of Anita’s decided without warning to do a U-turn. Anita was forced to emergency brake to avoid a collision. Unfortunately the car behind Anita’s was not able to stop in time because of the slippery roads. Anita’s vehicle got hit in the back bumper.


With a newly gained whiplash injury and pain became ordinary house work duties really difficult. The idea was formed while peeling potatoes, with the help of a mirror leaning against the wall on the counter the neck bending could decrease. Unfortunately it was mirrored, but with the help of two mirrors the problem was solved. And that was the beginning of many prototypes and work to start helping other people with neck problems.



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